memoirs by cairns

starTreasuring the past is what we're all about. Rediscovering the stories of your life and preserving those memories, your personal history, in order to share them with your family and friends.

If you are interested in finding out more info about bringing a six-week Memoir Writing class to your senior center or civic organization, please email us.

We also offer a variety of individual options: memoir in book format, audiotaped memoir, or videotaped memoir. And to preserve those priceless home movies, we also offer the transferrance of your aging VHS tapes to DVD. Check our Services page for details.

starFor the gift that keeps on giving, we offer gift certificates.
What could be better than to give a parent or grandparent a gift certificate for a Memoir Book or an Audio or Video Memoir? The receiver has the opportunity to rediscover the wonderful stories and experiences of their life as well as take pride in the fact they are creating a treasured legacy -- their personal history. Of course, the giver will treasure having their loved one's life story within the pages of a Memoir Book or on Audio or Video Memoir. Packages are available, please Email for details.

"Why is it important to capture our life stories in memoir?

small star Writing our memoirs confirms that we all have stories worth telling, worth recording, worth passing on.

small star Realizing we all have the ability to write about our lives can be a source of joy and fulfillment.

small star Writing about our past can also be the catalyst for healing.

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