Written, Audio and Video Memoirs

We will help you capture and preserve the stories of your life. Whether you choose to record your memoirs within the pages of a custom-made book, on CD, DVD, or any combination of formats, we will take time and great care in bringing to life your treasured memories. No matter the format you choose, book, audio, or video, we will talk with you ahead of time to decide on the focus and the scope of your project.

small star Written Memoir - Memoir Book: We can create a special Memoir Book that celebrates your life experiences, or a book that honors the life of a loved one, written as a flowing chronology based on the information gathered from interviews. Memoir books can be created in any length and bound in any of a variety of materials, depending on your preference and budget.

We will arrange interview sessions, the number depending on the size of the project, where we will record the stories of your life to be included in the finished product. We are happy to conduct these interviews in the comfort of your home, or other designated location of your choice. You will always get final approval of the material to be included.

star Written Memoir - Manuscript Transcription: If you have a diary, journal, or personal manuscript, you can have your words transcribed verbatim and crafted into a Memoir Book.


small star Audio Memoir: Your story as told in your words is a wonderful legacy to share with family and friends. We will discuss the material to be included on the audio recording, then schedule interview sessions where we will record your personal history, which will be preserved on high quality CD.


small star Video Memoir: We offer a variety of options.

   1. We can videotape your interview (up to two hours in length), which will be preserved on high quality DVD.

   2. We can create a video montage of selected photographs of your life that will be set to music.

   3. We can edit selected segments of your treasured home movies, set it to music, then transfer them onto a high-quality DVD.

Preserve your home videos - transfer them to DVD

DVDs will be created with 10 minute chapters and thumbnail menus.

We accept the following tape formats: VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, miniDV

small star Transfer prices:
One tape to DVD - 2 hours max: $20

Tapes longer than 2 hours will be divided over multiple DVDs: $20 per DVD

small star Our promise:
We respect the privacy of our clients and will never share the contents of their tapes with anyone.