Six-week Memoir Writing Class

small starIn my six-week course, I help participants to tap into their own life stories, guide them through the writing process, and encourage them as they create a written legacy to treasure and share with family and friends. Classes meet once a week for a two-hour session at a day and time determined convenient for the group.

I am happy to provide information that will help organizations to apply for grants to fund this class. I would also be glad to come and speak to an organization to explain the benefits and enjoyment of a memoir writing class prior to the start of the course to help create interest and enthusiasm for the class.

If you are interested in organizing a memoir writing workshop for your community, senior center, or organization, or if you'd like more information about being a participant in a class in the Massachusetts area, please Email me.

I am also happy to provide recommendations for my class from area senior center directors.

Feedback from memoir writing students

"We left with laughter, smiles, and a new promise to ourselves—WRITE WRITE WRITE. The teacher was a perfect catalyst to make this all work I loved her!" – student.

"I have enjoyed this class. Well organized, informative, but also informal and easy to participate in. Very interesting and fun. One also finds that one is more able to ‘write’ than maybe was thought at the beginning." – student.

"I am so excited with this new adventure. At my age it is a wonderful new outlet for a talent I never knew I had. Cathy did a wonderful job. She encouraged us all and gave us good examples to follow." – Shirley

"It was a 2-hour time of soul-searching and ‘meditation.’ The world around stopped spinning during this special time with folks who enjoyed the same interest. A truly pleasant class, and Cathy is a wonderful instructor." – Carolyn

"Nice friendly group with common interests inspired by vivacious teacher. Looked forward to class each week." – Betty T.